Where to Find the Best Juvederm Near Me

Are you looking for a reliable provider of Juvederm injections? Allergan, Inc. offers a provider locator tool to help you find the best Juvederm near you. But before you make an appointment, it's important to understand how long Juvederm results last and what factors influence this. The longevity of Juvederm depends on several variables.

First, it depends on the type of injectable used. Second, it depends on the number of syringes used. And finally, it depends on the area of the body injected and how quickly your body absorbs the dermal filler. Everyone metabolizes Juvederm differently, so the results will vary from person to person.

Sun damage or sun exposure can also cause Juvederm results to fade more quickly.Juvederm is combined with Lidocaine as an anesthetic agent, so most patients feel comfortable during the procedure. Michele Green is a NYC Allergan Platinum injector who uses Botox and Juvederm fillers to help restore and rejuvenate your face for a more youthful appearance. There are a variety of fillers available, so Juvederm can be used to treat all areas of the face, from fine lines to deep wrinkles, and restore volume where needed.Juvederm Voluma is often used to replace lost volume in the cheeks, but it can also be used to treat nasolabial folds, chin, jawline, and temples. Injecting Juvederm Ultra Plus around the jawline can help restore a more youthful appearance and correct sagging double chin.

Botox and Juvederm are often injected at the same time since Botox smooths out forehead wrinkles while Juvederm cannot be used in this area.Juvederm Vollure is designed specifically for treating “parenthesis lines” and lasts approximately 18 months when injected into the treatment area. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm help increase collagen production and draw moisture to the treatment area, moisturizing the skin. Even after your body absorbs hyaluronic acid, collagen production caused by the filler continues, promoting smoother skin.For a full liquid facelift, patients may need 4-10 syringes of Juvederm depending on the areas being treated and depth of wrinkles. Juvederm Volbella and Voluma are also used to treat acne scars and restore lost volume and collagen from atrophic acne scars.If you're looking for long-term dermal filling in smile lines, Juvederm Vollure is an excellent option.

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