Can Juvederm Migrate? A Comprehensive Guide

Juvederm migration is a rare phenomenon that occurs when facial fillers such as juvederm move to another site on the face a few days after the injection. This happens when the filler has not fully adhered to the facial tissue. Although it is uncommon, the risk of filler migration increases when injections are performed by an inexperienced or unqualified practitioner. The popularity of facial fillers has led to a surge in the number of clinics offering cosmetic injectables.

Unfortunately, this has also resulted in a large number of untrained and unprofessional professionals performing injections. Filler migration is not always caused by a bad practitioner; it can also occur when the customer does not follow the correct post-treatment procedures. It is important to follow your practitioner's aftercare advice to ensure that your lips heal properly and that any potential migration can be detected. Migration can be identified by a “duck” or “shelf” appearance above the edge of the lip, or small bumps and ridges around the lower area of the eye.

The following image shows what filler migration looks like on the lips.

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