Can You Massage Juvederm Safely?

If you've recently had Juvederm injections, you may be wondering if it's safe to massage the treated areas. The answer is that it's generally not recommended. Massaging the treated areas can alter the dermal filler and cause the hyaluronic acid solution to slip out of place, resulting in an uneven or lumpy appearance. Your injector should have massaged the Juvederm after it was injected.

If they didn't, it's better that they do it now. If you're not comfortable returning to your injector, then you should try to gently push a little to make the area more even. It's important to do this within the first week, as it's easier to do this now than later. Juvederm is injected in lines, but it is mainly injected into areas if indicated.

Each person heals differently, but their body may need up to two weeks to fully integrate the injected product. Patience is vital during this process. If the lumps last longer than two weeks, they may need to be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Always seek treatment from a qualified doctor.

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